A M Y + K R I S

Amy and Kris came to us after seeing our work, the wedding took place at mouthighams venue in the stunning kent countryside, the weather didnt play ball for an outside ceremony but spirits were not dampened and we had an amazing day filming this amazing couple.

L  I  S A + J O H N

Lisa and John's wedding took place at the stunning Brookfield Barn, and the whole day was centered around Johns late fathers 1910 Rolls Royce silver guest. It turned out to be a very emotional day but emothins defanatly didnt get in the way of the celebrations.

C H A R L O T T E + A S H

The filming of charlotte and ash was a pure joy, we spent the day at vaulty manour, essex, this was a truly emotional day by all, and even the dogs and horses came for a visit, the weather didnt play ball, but I think the film speakes for itself.

M A T I L D A + A L E X

It was pure joy filming this wedding, we did an engamnet shoot at the grenwich university which was amazing and the pictures taken where used on the invites for the day, we also shot the photos for the traditional africal ceremony the week before, but our team pulled out all the stops to make this video super special for the couple

M I C H E L L E + B R A D

Michelle and brads day was great, a bit hectic, with three differnt locations on the day, but we all worked well together to capture a truly amazing day with all the familly, Its a real shame we couldnt use the drone on this as the venue was amazing but a strict no drone policy.

B E C K S + S T E V E

This wedding video was a suprise to the couple, the whole family joined forces to buy it as a gift for them, we didnt meet the couple until the morning of the wedding, and I have to say what an amazing couple they turned out to be, the venue was horsley towers, this place is amazing, there was so much choice with the filming and the fireworks at the end of the day just topped of a perfect day for all.

L Y N D S E Y + A R C H I E

Lynsdey's wedding was amazing, the venue was amazing, she loved our work right from the start and loved the fact we would be hidden and filmed in a very discreet way as both her and archie where camera shy, but really wanted a film, bit within minutes of settting up the cameras, everyone was relaxed and ready to enjoy the day, the venue was the stunning Ruffynes barn in kent.

S U M B U L + S A M

Sumbal and Sam was one of our first asian weddings, we didnt really know what to expect, with all the different ceremonys and celebrations split over two days, there was so much choice for the film, filmed over west london the venue was stunning and two of the nicest people ive ever met.