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About Me:

My name is Neil Hart, I’m a 47 year old photographer and director of neilhartimages. Although I love to make films, my main passion is photography, I started my photography 15 years ago when i was living in France as a professional rock climber. I had a huge passion for extreme sports and nature. I love wildlife photography and portrait photography, A friend asked me to shoot his wedding for him and I was hooked on the wedding world, I love the way I can capture your day using my skills as a natural photographer, using only natural light and the natural environment to create stunning un posed pictures. I still climb, and when not shooting or editing you can find my clinging to the side of rock face deep in the mountains.​


Choosing the right photographer for your day can seem a bit daunting, many photographers throw out a lot of jargon and terminology and describe themselves as things like, documentary style, fine art, traditional or repertoire. For me I I don’t label myself with a style, but if I had to then it would be fun, relaxed and natural. I’m not a huge fan of styled and posed photography or overly staged shots. I’m a strong believer that we should my couples should be relaxed and have fun on our shoots, this means your photos will look great when you get them back, I also don’t want to take up too much of your time on your big day, so for the couple shoot why not lets just for a quick 10 minute walk round the venue and find some amazing places to have a bit of fun, but at the same time making sure we capture those amazing pictures you can cherish forever.

How I work on your day...

For the most part of your day I leave you alone to enjoy the day and just blend into the background, shooting as candid and natural as you like, if you don’t want to hear a peep out of my and simply want me to to document your day, then that’s great. If on the other hand you want me to get involved and organize your confetti shots, your group shots and take you for a quick couple shoots then that’s great too. But that’s not where my work ends.

Wedding photography is not about just ticking boxes and getting the images, it’s about re living the day, the excitement the joy the details. From the moment I arrive, I want to capture all those moments those details those personal touches, Things like your dress hanging up, the flowers, the shoes, the groom suit and shoes, I want to have a bit of fun with the groomsmen and the bridesmaids, but most of all simply capturing those great moments.

As a photographer, it’s not only about giving you the couple what you want, I live looking back through my pictures and seeing those tears those joyful moments that I’ve captured. If you are unsure just want you want then I’m here to help and guide you, we can have a chat discuss my style and approach, but please have a look at my pictures and we can go from here.

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